Supplemental Applications

When you join The Mayflower Society, your lineage is proven to a single Mayflower passenger. But, many of us descend from several passengers, particularly those passengers who married one another!
Additional applications are referred to as "Supplemental Applications," and they are completed in much the same way as your original application. Fewer documents should be needed because you and your parents' generations were proven with your original application. 
Here are the steps to complete a Supplemental Application:
1. Contact one of the Society Historians, Allie Golon or Sandy Carter-Duff (see the Contacts page) for the most current Instructions, Preliminary Application Form and Synopsis of the Line of Descent Form.
2. Complete the forms and submit with your payment to the Historian who provided you the paperwork.
3. The Historian will request a lineage match from Plymouth - this is a return of a verified application with as many generations that match your own as possible. With this, the Historian can begin completing the Worksheet, a work-in-progress version of your Supplemental Application and will communicate with you what documents, if any, are needed.
4. Work on gathering the necessary documentation and submit per the Instructions provided by the Historian.
5. The Historian will update you on your progress and any gaps.
Your Historian can update you on the current wait time once your paperwork has been forwarded to Plymouth.
The fee to submit a Supplemental Application is currently $150.00. At the September 2023 General Congress, it was voted to raise the fee by $25.00, effective January 1, 2024. The Colorado Society is postponing that increase until January 1, 2025 so members have an additional year to submit their paperwork before the fee increases to $175.00.
We look forward to helping you prove your lineage to additional Mayflower passengers! Click here to contact a Historian with any questions.